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The Postman - Elvis - Urban Rebels - A4 Original Framed

The Postman - Elvis - Urban Rebels - A4 Original Framed

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 The Postman - Urban Rebels - Elvis

Elvis Presley's life was marked by immense fame, but behind the glitz and glamour, he faced personal struggles, including health issues and the challenges of navigating the pressures of stardom. The human side of the King of Rock 'n' Roll is what inspired us to make this artwork.

This original artwork undergoes meticulous handcrafted techniques, featuring a mixed media process that includes spray paint, stencil, paste-up, and UV varnish applications. Each piece is framed uniquely, with hand embellishments adding to its individuality and artistic expression.

Handmade artwork on wood canvas.

Handsprayed Frame.

Size including the frame : 39x30cm.

Edition 1/1.

Signed/ COA included.

The Postman, Brighton’s street artist duo have a passion for photography, iconic imagery and pop culture. Their work began on the streets as paste ups and they now also work on large-scale murals, original artworks, and prints using stencils, collage, and spray paint.