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Sophie Abbott - Mossy Path -  43 x 53 cm - Small Original Painting

Sophie Abbott - Mossy Path - 43 x 53 cm - Small Original Painting

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Sophie Abbott 

Original painting. Mossy Pathy 43 x 53 cm

Acrylic on linen, tray framed in white

Size of canvas: 43x53cm

Sophie Abbott is a Brighton based painter, having graduated from Chichester University in 1997 with a degree in Art & Related Arts.

"Part of the painting process for me is getting lost in the work, wondering which direction to go in, what to paint, how to express what it is I’m trying to say about the ever changing landscape. My aim is to intuitively create a world that you can get lost in, but return to again and again and discover something new or familiar, somewhere 'other', where the viewer can also loose themselves, for a moment in time."

Sophie used photography and sketchbooks to record the landscape and uses these references to explore colour, mark making and composition, when back in the studio.

"The paintings themselves start to take shape in the studio, as I layer on washes of colour or thick swathes of paint, and experiment with pattern, marks and form.

I paint spontaneously, which I love, and I try not to focus on the end result too much, letting the brush marks, splotches and spills occur. Often they will become part of the work itself, which is for me a very physical process."