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Sinead O'Connor - Rebel - The Postman - Hand Finished A3 Giclee Print

Sinead O'Connor - Rebel - The Postman - Hand Finished A3 Giclee Print

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From the vibrant streets of Brighton, UK, emerges THE POSTMAN, a dynamic street artist duo whose vivid pop-art inspired murals have become a captivating presence in cities worldwide.

Rooted in their graffiti and photography backgrounds, THE POSTMAN's artistic process is an eclectic fusion of techniques, seamlessly combining imagery with spray paint, stencils, collage, and digital media. Their craftsmanship breathes life into the urban landscape with bursts of colour and a general feel of inclusivity and nostalgia.

Choosing to embrace anonymity, THE POSTMAN allows their art to take center stage, without the need for personal recognition. This enigmatic approach adds an air of intrigue, inviting viewers to immerse themselves fully in the art's visual narrative.

Sinéad O'Connor Rebel (Print)

A tribute to Sinead O'Connor, who passed away in 2023 at a tragically young age.

Beyond her musical legacy, we admire her fearless activism, notably advocating for women's rights, child abuse awareness, and challenging religious oppression. 

A musical legend.

A limited edition premium GICLEE print of our REBEL Series

ALL prints are hand embellished with paint - UNIQUE 

Specification - 42x30cm (£115)
Edition - 25 (AP)
Giclee Print
Paper - Hahnemuehle Photorag 308gsm
Signed, Numbered + Certificate of Authenticity (COA)
Hand Embellished with spray paint