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Rosco Brittin - Proud 2

Rosco Brittin - Proud 2

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Rosco Brittin
’Proud 2' (with cockerel)
Edition of 20
£370 each, unframed

£495 Framed edition- for UK shipping only, bespoke framed in white.

Rosco Brittin is a London based artist specialising collage. He explores the universe of natural and unnatural camouflage dipped heavily in a light fantastic, producing work that has been described as “when special F/X and paper first meet”.

Born and bred in a video shop in Kings Cross during the 80’s and later cutting his young proverbial art teeth working with the likes of Damien Hirst & Sokari Douglas Camp CBE, Brittin’s early experience in the creative circle was uniquely strange at best.