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Love - bench off cut - Show Pony
Love - bench off cut - Show Pony

Love - bench off cut - Show Pony

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Show Pony’s workbenches become so beautiful over time, and periodically they need new ones.

For this series of bench-off-cuts stencils were laid over freshly painted sheets of wood, and then used as a desk for many months. The benches were cut up and the stencils peeled back to reveal the lettering, and make these one-off signs.

  • Each piece is a one-off
  • Created with a combination of stencil-work and freehand painting
  • Iconic fairground font
  • 24 x 77cm
  • 18mm ply
  • Dead flat, UV-protective varnish
  • Mirror-plate fixings attached to the back for wall mounting
  • Indoor only

    Inspired by a long-term fascination with words, fonts, fairgrounds (and a touch of kitsch), Show Pony creates illuminated artworks & fairground-inspired signs, often embellished with gold and fitted with light bulbs. Alongside these are typographic prints, and painted cut-outs featuring icons of popular-culture.

    Self-identifying as a ‘word clown’, Tait graduated with a First Class BA Hons in Fine Art whilst suspended from the ceiling in a horse costume, under the title ‘Well Hung’. This playful use of words has carried through into her practice as Show Pony.

    Note: Colours may differ from image.