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The Postman - Princess Leia- Urban Rebels - A4 Original Framed

The Postman - Princess Leia- Urban Rebels - A4 Original Framed

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 The Postman - Urban Rebels - Princess Leia

Our new tribute to Princess Leia’s legacy, leader of the Rebel Alliance and symbol of the resistance against tyranny!

This original artwork undergoes meticulous handcrafted techniques, featuring a mixed media process that includes spray paint, stencil, paste-up, and UV varnish applications. Each piece is framed uniquely, with hand embellishments adding to its individuality and artistic expression.

Handmade artwork on wood canvas.

Handsprayed Frame.

Size: Including the frame 39x30cm.

Edition 1/1.

Signed/ COA included.   

The Postman, Brighton’s street artist duo have a passion for photography, iconic imagery and pop culture. Their work began on the streets as paste ups and they now also work on large-scale murals, original artworks, and prints using stencils, collage, and spray paint.