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Debbie Harry A0 with Projector Frame
Debbie Harry A0 with Projector Frame

Debbie Harry A0 with Projector Frame

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If you know The Postman you're familiar with their affinity for Debbie Harry. The ultimate punk icon has been a muse right from the start. 

This is a completely unique, handmade mixed media piece consisting of a giclee pasteup, on a stencilled and spray painted wooden canvas (Halo Board) and has a protective UV varnish coating to ensure lasting colour intensity.

Halo Board
The artwork is created on a custom made wood canvas created by The Postman. We have named this a ‘Halo Board’ which due to its angled sprayed edges projects a colourful halo glow inside its Projector Frame. 

Projector Frame
We have designed a high end custom hardwood frame which is hand sprayed around the edges and signed on the bottom right corner. The ‘Projector frame’ is a continuation of our Halo boards. The edges are angled which allows them to project a colourful glow onto a wall giving the artwork a sense of illumination and depth.

Hanging Mechanism
The frame is supplied with a heavy duty French Cleat bracket which enables the artwork to sit perfectly flush to the wall.

Due to the weight and dimensions of this artwork, collection is preferred. We are happy to provide a bespoke shipping quote if required.  

Pasteup on Wooden Halo Canvas
Stencil Spraypaint Background
Hand Sprayed Projector Frame
UV Varnished
Size 132 x 97 cm
Edition 1/1
Signed with COA.