Stellen Bat Moon Earrings

Stellen Bat Moon Earrings

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Stellen Bat Moon Earrings - Bouncy Castle Earrings

Materials: Recycled broken bouncy castle PVC + sterling silver

Stunning earrings made with broken bouncy castle PVC offcuts from Wyatt and Jack. On a 24mm sterling silver hoop for pierced ears.

The earring shape means even less material is wasted from the offcuts, and the offcuts of these earrings (even the tiny holes) are kept to make further jewellery.

In 2018 Stellen discovered Wyatt and Jack, who recycle salvaged deckchair fabric and broken bouncy castle PVC into bags. These earrings are made from the offcuts after these materials have been given a new lease of life! How’s that for recycling!

Size and colour may slightly vary, due to the recycled nature of our fabrics-which is also why there may be a few characterful crinkles too. The ultimate in recycled jewellery.