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Ruth Mulvie Ice Cream Beach original painting

Ruth Mulvie Ice Cream Beach original painting

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‘Ice Cream Beach’ - Ruth Mulvie.

Original - oil and acrylic on canvas, tray framed in white.

Measures 70cm by 70cm.

Inspired by her love of Victoriana, architecture and postcards from the 60s and 70s featuring motels, beaches and quirky destinations, Ruth is honing her artistic narrative with a quiet British boldness. Curating a design of life tailored on human pleasure, where make-belief and imagination merge into each other is where Ruth Mulvie’s visions come alive.

With her child-like, unadulterated sense of fun and pleasure in expressing her craft, Ruth’s sexy-strange, yet enchanting work is a bold statement of imagery, design and colour. Ruth uses high quality pigment oils on canvas where possible and her work features in private collections around the world. 

Ruth lives and works in Sussex.