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Control - Ryan Holloway

Control - Ryan Holloway

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Title: Control
Materials: Oil paint
Size: 60x60cm
Model: Vero Szafran 
£ 900 retail
Tray Framed

The artist says: "'Control' was my first of a group of paintings inspired by a pose from photographer and artist Vero Szafran (Instagram:

I love this pose. Not only was it dynamic and beautiful but the positioning of the arms and the gripping of the hands really gave me a sense of someone struggling to control their emotions. We catch the subject at a point of being on the edge but managing to control their feelings. I found creating this piece very cathartic which is why I gave it a background of teal to show surrounding calm to a figure in pain. We are all in constant flux with our emotions despite any outside influences and I intended for 'Control' to portray that fluctuation in mood and mental health."