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Ben Gore Bootleg Bible Book

Ben Gore Bootleg Bible Book

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Book - A Guide to bootleg toymakers

102 Pages, 21 x 21 cm

Written by Ben Gore.

The Bootleg Bible is a guide to bootleg toymakers from around the world. The book features interviews with a host of international toymakers including: Trap Toys, The Sucklord, Dano Brown, Obvious Plant, Marquee Marauders Club, Larbie World, RYCA, and Ben Gore. There's also a huge showcase of the work of other excellent artists and a bootlegging 101 guide for the aspiring toymaker. The book has over 100 pages of art and advice, and is independently published by Blue Monday Press.

Sponsorship has been provided by DKE Toys, The Toy Chronicle, Bootleg Bonanza, Earth2Kentucky, and Toys on Tap podcast.