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Anew - Ryan Holloway

Anew - Ryan Holloway

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Title: Anew
Materials: Oil paint
Size: 100x100cm
Model: Vero Szafran 
"'Anew' was initially inspired by a pose by photographer and artist Vero Szafran (Instagram: I found the pose very unusual but it really spoke to me. 

The model almost looks like a newborn baby, not quite knowing what to do with their arms and legs and experiencing those sensations for the first time. At that point the world is big and scary with hopefully so much life ahead. 

The model is of course an adult, which for me, tells the story that even as adults we can be reborn, set off on a new path and become someone or something new. Change can happen at any time but we should never stop believing that we can do more, be more, and change our lives for the better. Start anew. "